5:50 pm: I hope you found JVT’ as calming a presence as we did. That’s all for today, folks, have a lovely evening.

  • The uptake of the vaccine has exceeded the government’s expectations so far.
  • Over 70s in England are invited to get in contact with the NHS to arrange vaccinations
  • The UK’s terror threat level has been lowered

5:30 pm: Westminster hacks full of praise for JVT

5:23 pm: Professor Jonathan Van-Tam says there is no reason to think the South African variant will overtake the current virus in the next few months

5:17 pm: The health secretary says that the government is working with existing vaccine manufacturers to provide booster vaccines for any future variants of the coronavirus.

5:10 pm: Matt Hancock has invited over 70s in England to contact the NHS to arrange to get the vaccine rather than wait for the NHS to contact them.

5:09 pm: The take up of the vaccine has exceeded the government’s expectations. 91% of over 80s have received a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

5:00 pm: Time for a press conference with health secretary Matt Hancock

4:20 pm: Another 333 people have died from covid-19 in the UK.

3:45 pm: Boris Johnson spoke about the importance vaccines will have in keeping the coronavirus under control

1 pm: Here’s what’s happened today.

  • The UK’s terror threat has been lowered level has been lowered from “severe” to “substantial”
  • The Greens have overtaken the Lib Dems in a new Ipsos Mori poll
  • SNP chief executive Peter Murrell gave evidence to the Alex Salmond inquiry

12:25 pm: The Green Party has polled at 8%, more than the Lib Dems, in a new Ipsos MORI poll

11:50 am: The UK’s terror threat level has been lowered from “severe” to “substantial”

10:55 am: Read this fascinating insight into lessons British democracy can take from a Canadian province

10 am: The limits of video conferencing are making the Salmond inquiry more difficult

8:20 am: Ministerial media rounds this morning:

8:00 am: What’s coming up in British politics today

  • The government is defending the AztraZeneca vaccine after it was found that it only provides “minimal” protection against illnesses caused by the South African variant of Covid-19.
  • Labour is criticising the government’s so-called “crony” contracts awarded to private contractors during the coronavirus pandemic
  • SNP Chief Executive and Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell will appear at Holyrood’s Salmond inquiry committee from 9am

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