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5.30pm – That’s all from us today! Tune in tomorrow for more news and updates.

5:07pm – And it’s live!

4:40pm – Expect this to be a lively affair later. It’s a slam dunk for the government so expect them to go hard on the big 6 teams who have split to join the European Super League.

3:47pm – A not unexpected development after covid cases shot up in India and Johnson cancelled his trip there, but India has been placed on the red list.

2:42pm – Not to be outdone, Boris has had a gaffe of his own during a visit to Gloucestershire, forgetting the name of the Conservative West of England mayor!

2:23pm – Not all going well on the campaign for Keir Starmer, who gets into a bit of trouble with a pub landlord in Bath…

12:43pm – Away from football, mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has unveiled his manifesto today, including a commitment to increase the numbers of police officers within 100 days.

11:13am – And it may have taken a bit longer than expected, but Boris has cancelled his trip to India:

11:09am – Boris’ statement on the Super League proposals. There is widespread outrage from fans and politicians.

9:34am – An interesting insight into the PMs popularity up in Scotland… or potential lack of it. Also worth noting Johnson has been to Hartlepool where a heated by-election is being held in the long-standing Labour seat.

8:55am – A phrase that I didn’t expect to say: it looks like football will dominate the political news today, at least this morning as all the ministers do the rounds to quickly condemn the league.

8:25am – As mentioned, the government have been swift to condemn the European Super league, which will effectively replace the current UEFA champions league.

8:15am – So what’s in the news this morning?

  • Politicians condemn the potential European Super League, with 6 Premier League clubs signing on to the breakaway football competition.
  • Johnson under pressure to cancel trip to India amid covid concerns
  • The lobbying scandal continues with NHS England questioned

8:00am – Hello and welcome back to another week of Politics Live!

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