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3:00pm – If polls stay as they are, Labour may soon need Plaid’s support for a majority in the Senedd. Plaid could ask Labour to push for an independence referendum.

2:18pm – The chief executive of NHS England is stepping down from the end of July.

12:07pm – This will be sure to upset Labour, as the PM doesn’t even promise to release the report.

11:54am – Johnson won’t change the rules to give Lord Geidt more powers in his inquiry into Downing Street. Labour claim this leaves the PM as “judge and jury”.

11:38am – With some polls suggesting that support for independence is diminishing, the SNP’s lead in the polls has slowly begun to drop.

10:49am – The controversial proposed vaccine passport app won’t reportedly be ready in time for the end of lockdown.

9:33am – Health Secretary Matt Hancock gets the jab:

8:55am – A point that seems to have been missed, why investigate something which the PM presumably knows the answer to?

8:15am – So what’s in the news this morning?

  • Labour call for extra powers for ethics chief investigating Downing Street
  • Arlene Foster resigned yesterday as DUP leader
  • Author of race report defends findings

8:00am – Welcome back to another day of Politics Live!

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