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4:45pm – Conservatives holding a firm lead over Labour as we head into election week:

4:31pm – Investigation is heating up as Johnson’s aids are threatened with jail if they delete texts or emails:

3:45pm – In addition to stepping down as leader of the DUP, there are reports that Arlene Foster may leave the party entirely.

3:05pm – An update from the latest Scottish election polls. SNP still way ahead of the rest, but very close now between Labour and the Conservatives:

1:06pm – A must-watch video for any of you keen on the London mayoral elections:

12:39pm – You may have heard the news that Boris Johnson’s phone number has been freely available online for years. This highlights one of the many issues that causes:

11:30am – And in yet another poll, which seems to contradict the polls before, half of UK adults think Johnson should resign if he knowingly misled parliament over his “bodies pile up” comment.

11:10am – But others are suggesting the lack of movement in polls points to a larger issue for Labour.

10:47am – The polls don’t suggest a monumental change in party popularity after a tough few weeks for the Conservatives, but some have pointed out that political accusations can have long term consequences for parties.

10:30am – Over 20MPs and Lords have signed an open letter to the culture secretary expressing concern about appointments to the ICO.

8:15am – So what’s in the news today?

  • Boris Johnson’s phone number has been available online for 15 years
  • Ex-ministers may be fined for breaking lobbying rules
  • Edwin Poots favourite to be DUP leader

8:00am – Welcome back to another day of Politics Live!

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