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5:30pm – And that’s all from us today! Join us on Monday for more news and updates.

4:54pm – The UK has lowered their foreign aid spending this year. Some charities have called this ‘unlawful’.

3:12pm – Labour continue to struggle to connect with their working class base:

1:55pm – London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey wants to clean up London’s streets (sorry).

12:50pm – A former cabinet secretary ways in on the Greensill scandal:

10:58am – While it can’t be certain that Greensill is having no impact on voting, the Tories will be pleased that their lead seems to be growing:

9:54am – A summary of the famed revolving door which has become the centrepiece of the ongoing scandals this week.

8:20am – A story that may end up dominating the news today as the Greensill row continues. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has shares in a business that won NHS contracts.

8:15am – So what’s in the news this fine Friday?

  • Covid updates paused for Prince Philip mourning
  • Second cabinet office adviser revealed to have worked for Greensill while in civil service
  • A business that Matt Hancock and his sister have shares in won NHS contracts

8:00am – Welcome back to another day of Politics Live!

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