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5:30pm – That’s all from us today! Enjoy your Easter weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

3:06pm – An interesting tactic to win back the Labour stronghold…

2:47pm – BMJ highly critical of the race report. This seems like a story that may continue on for a while yet:

11:54am – Starmer’s famed focus group may have misled him on this one:

11:04am – A stark reminder of the dangers journalists around the world face at the moment.

9:50am – The key resignation has undoubtably shed further light on the report:

8:25am – Not a good look for the government after the heavy scrutiny that has come since the report was published yesterday. As a reminder, it claimed there is no structural racism in the UK.

8:15am – So what’s in the news today?

  • Starmer hints that Labour will oppose covid passports
  • France to enter month-long lockdown
  • Boris Johnson’s most senior black adviser resigns, a day after the controversial racism report was released.

8:00am – Welcome to another day of Politics Live!

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