Friday, September 13, finds the Full Moon make a close approach to Earth, which can bring certain tensions to the fore. The Moon remains in the Pisces star sign, in connection with the Black Moon. Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars Astrology, believes this aspect can provide both benefits and challenges.

She said: “This means areas relating to family may be affected on Friday.

“Also important is how we take care of ourselves and our emotions on this day.

“But you can also expect to encounter lots of creativity and an act imagination.

“Exhibit caution when using certain drugs and alcohol.

“This is because the sensitivity is increased at the end of the week.”

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There is also an fascinating major aspect occurring on Friday.

This is a trine between the Sun and the planet Pluto.

The MarStars Astrology expert thinks this aspect can make us be increasingly confident and passionate.

She said: “You may feel you have a power that is coming from somewhere else.

“It is not just your personal power – rather it is like a collective power is supporting you in some way.

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“This is great for some social projects, especially for work and business.

“And it also has an influence in transforming something in your life.

“This can relate to something ranging from business, yourself and your own plans and goals.”

And this aspect can also affect how we receive support from people with more power.

They can be either an individual or some kind of kind of institution.

So, overall this is a highly productive aspect for business activities.

At the same time, we also have Mercury and Venus in conjunction on Friday.

The planets Mercury and Venus are together in the 29th degree in Virgo.

Ms Stoichkova believes this aspect can help you a lot in negotiations with other people.

She added: “Business negations will particularly benefit today, because the Earth energy of Virgo sports work.

“Venus is also related to love and relationship, so expect an amplified ability to verbalise our emotions

“And this aspect may even be nice for travelling, just enjoy the opportunity to take a trip and see something new.”

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