The headline of Tuesday’s finds both Mercury and Venus about to change zodiac signs. Both of these comic bodies are about to move into star sign Libra.

And astrology experts consequently expect you to be on the brink of some profound realisation.

This could either involve a major conversation or a re-jigging of certain relationships.

The other main story concerning your horoscope involves a Conjunction between the Moon an Neptune in Pisces.

Conjunctions are commonly considered to occur when a brace of planets combine in the same star sign.

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But maybe nothing but total, unconditional love will satisfy you with the Moon and Neptune locked in a cosmic dance in Pisces.

You will most likely seek to feel truly inspired or even uplifted at this time.

But you may also feel the urge to do almost anything to feel that certain divine connection.

This is the one that lets you know you are not alone, especially now.

And nothing less will do, so the best advice is to seek it, dream it and let it all flood in this Tuesday.

The best bet is to imagine that wonderful feeling of love as if it is ever-present.

As the Moon harmonises with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn you have an opportunity to bring your imagination to bear on all of your real-life goals.

But if all of this sounds a little over the top, remember it is because it is supposed to – so try not to dismiss it all out of hand.

This somewhat dainty Pisces Moon connects with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn today and you can find real practical applications for all that refined feeling.

Inspiration may well be laser-like focussed on specific issues and problems helping you on your way.

The Moon is waxing and the way before you is open, leading some to question how best to proceed.

The answer is, of course, by dreaming, tapping into your well of creativity and giving your imagination carte blanche.

Let your heart soak up all this emotion, as this is no time to try and be totally rational.

Whatever was bothering you will swiftly start to wear thin.

This is because Mercury retrograde and Venus enter Libra in the dying hours of day.

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