Friday’s features Venus entering Virgo in the early hours. And the astrological consensus is that love takes on a more meticulous flavour.

This is therefore an occasion to prove your love in practical ways.

As a result, there is no need for flowers and fancy chocolates.

However, Venus in Virgo expects you to be present, both physically and emotionally.

This cosmic combination is particularly conducive for keeping things clean and tidy.

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The Moon in Aries also creates a Square with both Jupiter and Pluto today.

A Square is a thought by astrologers to be an aspect capable of revealing life’s tensions, obstacles and challenges.

Zodiac experts consider this to be a rather combustible combination.

As the Moon squares Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, your appetite is definitely bigger than you could anticipate.

With the Sun winking at Uranus across Venusian star signs too, there is another quite unstable vibe in the astrological atmosphere.

Should anyone be feeling a little unsettled this Friday, you could blame the Sun and Uranus for that.

Why not loosen up a little and disregard star sign clichés and find true happiness?

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