Saturn has moved into Capricorn and the promises you have made will need to be kept. The position of the ringed planet in Capricorn will fill you with a sense of loyalty, so use that energy wisely.

Plans you have made as an individual and with others are beginning to take shape, so use the extra loyalty you have to stick to your guns and follow through.

The hard work you have been putting in recently is beginning to pay off, as is shown by Saturn squaring off with Venus.

The two planets will provide you with extra energy to finish what you started.

However, others around you may start demanding your time.

But keep focused on what you need to achieve, and do not let anyone get in the way.

Today could prove to be pivotal, so stay calm and keep a clear image of what you want.

Now is not the time for romance, even if it feels like it is.

Commitments may need to be made, but keep it platonic or professional.

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“This new beginning you’re making is solid, reliable, true.

“Saturn is the Moon’s last stop today. But as the young silver crescent travels on its way to meet it, it also it meets Pluto and Jupiter first.

“And you can draw so much faith and determination from that! This is an empowering day. All the better for when the Moon enters Aquarius tonight.

“Now you’re ready to bring your friends and family in on it…”

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