Tuesday, July 23, is a time when nothing astrologically substantial happens. This is because there are no major aspects in action today, except for the Moon. Earth’s natural satellite is still in the Aries star sign, which Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars Astrology, believes injects energy into Tuesday.

She said: “An Aries Moon means there is a high level of energy.

“Today is a time to achieve things faster to get them done.”

And our celestial orb will also make a pair of interesting aspects today.

The Moon is making a challenging square with the winged planet Saturn.

A square is the aspect where planets or other horoscope points are about 90 degrees apart in the zodiac.

The classical astrology meaning of a square is that the powers involved are in conflict, so that they cause trouble for one another.

Ms Stoichkova says this means we will consequently have to work a little harder today.

She said: “W will have to be more consistent today.

“There might be some resistance that we need to overcome.

However we have the support of Mars and gas giant Jupiter.

The Moon in Aries will make a trine with Mars, which is in Leo, and with Jupiter which is in Sagittarius.

The astrologer explained: “Basically this all forms a grand trine.

“This is considered to the the most harmonious astrology configuration.

It brings opportunities, luck and gets things flowing.

“And here the Fire element is very important, so the focus is again on action and taking risks today.

“This Fire energy also brings a lot of enthusiasm.”

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