Friday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by Scorpio swiftly ceding to Sagittarius. As a result, you should expect this change to restore some of your faith in the world.

However, the Scorpio Moon still has a little to offer before this event can properly take hold.

The cosmic combination first to make itself properly felt this morning involves a Square between the Moon and Retrograde Mercury.

A Square in astrology is an aspect revealing any annoying issues in your life, reflecting the specific planets involved.

Messenger Planet Mercury’s influence means this aspect can adversely affect Friday’s communications.

You now have all day to dwell on all these annoying issues in your life.

However, once the Moon hits Sagittarius, you may feel an abruptly change in mood.

Before the Moon makes it to Sagittarius it needs to cross the abyss separating paranoia from faith, Scorpio from Sagittarius.

The approaching end to another working week should see you more than willing to discard your cares and enjoy a fun-loving Friday evening.

Conjunctions occur in astrology when two different planets combine in the same sign.

Astrologers commonly associate such a pairing as dampening one’s spirits.

So the best bet is to take whatever you encounter at this time firmly in your stride.

Then, as rogue asteroid Chiron makes its presence felt, things could soon get serious on the relationship front.

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