Monday’s horoscope features Venus aligning with clever Mercury, sparking a range of romantic feelings that will only get stronger. The Moon will also go completely void of course, ahead of the evening’s Full Moon.

Today is the day to make the most of everything you have to celebrate.

You’ll likely get more pleasure than normal from your favourite hobbies and activities.

Music, arts and crafts will be very enjoyable, allowing you to appreciate the beautiful parts of life.

Now is the time to give yourself a break and unwind. Relaxing in the garden or spending time with your pets will leave you feeling more stress-free than ever.

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As midday looms, the Moon-Mars trine will trigger a need for independence.

You might go searching for the deeper truths to life, demanding extensive explanations.

But, as day turns to night, the Moon will finally reach a Full Moon, sparking some uncomfortable truths.

The Pink Super Moon might leave you unravelling some difficult truths to accept.

Uranus will likely be stretching your awareness throughout the day on Monday.

The planet will be close to the Sun and opposing the Full Moon, encouraging independent thinking and action.

There may be an intense pressure seeing you through the start of the week, but it has its benefits.

The intensity will likely show you at your very best, bringing out the part of you that many didn’t know existed.

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