he UK’s coronavirus testing system for travellers could “buckle” when foreign holidays resume, a consumer group has warned.

Whic ? said social media and review sites are already “flooded” with complaints from people who have suffered delays in receiving their test kits and results.

That is despite passenger numbers being a fraction of normal levels due to the ban on overseas leisure travel.

The consumer group claimed the system is “at risk of being overwhelmed, and potentially collapsing” when foreign holidays resume, which is expected to happen for people in England on May 17.

People arriving in England are required to quarantine, and pre-book two PCR tests from a private firm on a Government list.

The two-test package typically costs between £100 and £200, but can exceed £500.

Negative results from both tests – taken on days two and eight after arrival – must be received before someone can leave quarantine.

But travellers have reported long delays in receiving kits or results, forcing them to either pay for additional tests or extend their quarantine period beyond the initial 10-day period.

Demand for tests will soar once holidays resume.

Returning travellers will require one or two post-arrival tests depending on which country they have visited.

Erkal Taskin, who returned from Turkey after visiting his sick father in early April, told Which? he did not receive his day-two test kit until he had been back in the UK for a week, and has still not been given the result of his day-eight test.

He said: “I wasn’t sure when I could leave my house and there was no-one to ask. I ended up waiting for so long before I could go back to work, which was a huge problem.”

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