A conservative radio show host says he was fired mid-show after criticizing President Trump.

Craig Silverman told The Denver Post that he was discussing the president’s notorious former New York lawyer, Roy Cohn, when his weekly 710 KNUS radio station suddenly cut to a news bulletin.

As he looked to his crew to see what was wrong, he says program director Kelly Michaels suddenly walked into the room.

“You’re done,” Michaels told Silverman, a former chief deputy district attorney in Denver, according to the report.

Silverman said that the hour before he was axed had seen him discussing “how toxic Trump is in Colorado” as well as suggesting “Democrats are making a strong case at the House impeachment hearing.”

His firing sparked outrage, with Rep. Dylan Roberts tweeted that it was a “sad day for Colorado and the First Amendment.”

“I cannot and will not toe strict Trump party line,” Silverman wrote on Twitter.

“I call things as I see them. I see corruption and blatant dishonesty by President and his cronies. I also see bullying/smearing of American heroes w/courage to take oath and tell truth. Their bravery inspires me.”

KNUS did not respond to requests for comment, The Denver Post said.

The page for Silverman’s show now gives a “404 Error — Not Found” message.

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