South China Sea: Beijing ‘attack’ on Philippines boat could trigger US war treaty

WAR fears have been sparked as the US ambassador to the Philippines believes attacks in the South China Sea may trigger the Mutual Defence Treaty with the US. Daily Express :: World Feed

UK special forces sent to Persian Gulf to protect British ships as war fears...

SPECIAL BOAT SERVICE forces have been sent to protect British ships from Iranian attacks in the Persian Gulf according to the Daily Mirror newspaper. Daily Express :: World Feed

Ivanka Trump: How Jared Kushner’s father ‘planned for son to date someone prominent’

IVANKA TRUMP and Jared Kushner’s relationship could all be down to a grand plan cooked up by Jared’s father, a book has claimed. Daily Express :: World Feed

UK minister tries to defuse tensions between Iran and US

A MINISTER will hold top-level talks in Tehran today as Britain tries to defuse tensions between the Iran and the US. Daily Express :: World Feed

Iran has ‘multitude of ways’ of striking: Trump warned as Iran vows to ‘set...

IRAN could retaliate against Washington in a “multitude” of ways if the US decided to launch an attack, an expert said after Tehran warned the region will be “set on fire” if America strikes...

MH370 news: How expert revealed key detail that 'narrows search for jet's hijacker'

MALAYSIA Airlines flight 370 went missing in 2014 and has remained a mystery to this day – but a key detail helps narrow the search for the jet’s hijacker. Main Source link

Kansas City aliens? Orbs hovering over US city spark conspiracy claims – ‘No explanation!’

BIZARRE orbs hovering over Kansas City have locals convinced of alien existence - with officials admitting they have “no explanation”. Main Source link

Scientists shocked as surge in mysterious 'horns' growing on skulls blamed on smartphones

YOUNG people are “growing horns” at the back of their skulls in a bizarre new body deformity that has been blamed on excessive smartphone use. Main Source link

MH370 shock theory: Russia 'planned hijack to distract from Crimea annexation' – expert

MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight 370 may have been hijacked by Russian military intelligence, according to an aviation expert on a documentary. Main Source link

UFO sighting: ‘Alien craft’ spotted during NASA Apollo 12 moon walk

AN alien UFO has been spotted observing NASA’s Apollo 12 astronauts as they explored the Moon, an alien life conspiracy theorist has claimed. Main Source link