A message was sent from the CEO of Asda Roger Burnley to customers. It revealed more about the supermarkets policy in the upcoming easing of coronavirus rules and lockdown.

The CEO went on: “Parts of the UK are also now refining their safety measures to protect our health – be that new social distancing guidelines in England and Northern Ireland, or the compulsory wearing of face coverings in shops in Scotland.

“And as these new changes are implemented, I want to reassure all our customers – no matter where you shop with us – that we will respect the guidelines.”

The current government guidelines for UK supermarkets states “supermarkets need to avoid crowding and create adequate spacing between individuals.”

It does not stipulated how exactly this should be done but advises measures could include monitoring numbers of customers and keeping two metre distances.

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The message went on to say: “We will continue to prioritise safety and hygiene in our stores, with screens, sanitiser spray and increased cleaning of high traffic areas – to give you additional reassurance.

“Should we need to implement stronger measures in particular areas due to localised ‘lockdowns’ we have the capability to quickly do this.

“If that happens, any changes to your store opening times can be found here.”

Asda is urging all those who can to shop in store instead of online.

“Through lockdown we’ve expanded our home shopping capacity from 425,000 to 700,000 slots per week,” the CEO’s letter said.

“We will carry on operating at this capacity for those customers who prefer to shop online but we continue to ask customers who can shop in stores safely to do so, allowing us to use our online services to get food to those who most need it.”

This comes after Tesco updated its rules for shopping in store. 

Tesco has scrapped some of its social distancing measures following customer feedback.

“We’ve heard your feedback and made a few changes to keep things in-store as safe and simple as possible,” Tesco wrote on Twitter.

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