Tierney has not played for the Gunners since January 18 and will miss Sunday’s match against Leeds, too.

Tierney will be hungry to get back for those games and Arteta says the left-back is desperate to return. 

“We have to see how the knee reacts when he starts to get a bit more load,” said Arteta.

“He hasn’t had much left but he is very positive at the moment, he is in good spirits and he is desperate to get back in the team and we will see in the next few days, the moment he starts to train with the team and see how he is feeling and how he reacts.

“Well, we didn’t know [how bad it was at first]. At the end of the day when you have pain and you are not comfortable and you are someone like Kieran who does everything 100 miles per hour, you need to be in the right condition. 

“When someone like him says it doesn’t feel right and that something is wrong you worry because you know how much he wants it as well. 

“He’s in a much better place now, in the last few days he’s feeling better, he’s training, he’s positive, he’s willing to come back early and help the team and hopefully we can have him soon.”

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