ozens of police officers swarmed Clapham Common on Saturday after anti-lockdown protesters gathered in the area.

Some 30 unmasked demonstrators chanting “take your freedom back” walked along the high street soon after midday while being heckled by members of the public.

One woman shouted from her car at the protesters, “There’s a pandemic going on you t****”, while another bystander shouted “idiots”.

Officers were seen questioning people not wearing masks and telling them to go home, threatening fines under Covid regulations if they did not comply.

A man wearing a tartan face covering was told to return to his home in nearby Balham. He replied: “I don’t like Balham, I don’t like the Baham area.”

On Clapham Common itself, where protesters had planned to gather, officers were seen in heated conversations with people about enforcement of the regulations.

A man being detained shouted: “I stand under common law, not maritime law and this is assault”, as he was put into handcuffs by police officers.

A large police presence remains around Clapham Common station, but almost all protesters had left the area as of 2pm.

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