Kate Middleton broke royal protocol this month to show she is ‘ready to be in charge’

THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE made many public appearances this month, including a visit to London's Imperial War Museum where she broke royal protocol. Source...

Emma Raducanu confirms SPOTY plans as she rates chances of winning prestigious award

EMMA RADUCANU has downplayed her chances of being crowned the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year next month. Source link

Christmas ideas: Gifts for her – presents she’ll actually want

Christmas ideas: Gifts for her - presents she'll actually want (Image: HUDE BEAUTY/SLOGGI/POUR MOI)Christmas gifts for herBeautyHuda Beauty's Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette, £58.00 MUA...

UK and Israel to unite in ‘thwarting’ Iran’s nuclear ambitions

The foreign ministers of the UK and Israel have issued a fresh commitment to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons as they prepare to...


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Journalist and Afghan translator finally reunite on US soil

They’re thankful to see each other again. In late November 2020, journalist Toby Harnden was in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, researching his new book, “First Casualty:...

Disney to spend $33B next year on new shows and movies

Disney said it plans to amp up what it spends on new movies and shows next year as it looks to unseat the world’s...



There may be ‘systemic racial bias’ in health services across the world says Health Secretary

With a review announced into whether medical oximeters are equally effective regardless of a patient’s ethnicity, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has admitted there may...



Optimism as pharma companies are confident they will defeat the new Omicron variant

SCIENTISTS are confident they will defeat the latest Covid variant - as they race to keep Omicron at bay. Main Source link