Donald Trump, the controversial recently elected U.S. President, has announced that he is shutting down his much-maligned Twitter account  – and defecting to Facebook.

The decision to close his Twitter account, which has 25.5 million followers, comes following a private spat with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, insiders said.

The former reality TV star and Mr. Dorsey met at the ‘Winter White House’ – Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort –  last weekend and ended having having a full-blown row over Trump’s controversial immigration policies over supper, WhiteHouse insiders said.

The bust up ended with Trump pledging to ‘ruin Twitter.’ Early on the morning of Saturday 25. February, Trump sent what he said was to be his last tweet.

It read: ‘Twitter suks. I’m going to make Facebook even greater than it already is, which is rly grt.’

The 45th US leader, who is notoriously technologically averse, is said to particularly enjoy the Facebook chat option and regularly communicates with senior White House strategists including Breitbart founder Steve Bannon over the medium.

He also likes Facetiming his wife and son who both still reside in Trump Tower.


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