Tony Blair’s reputation has suffered a further humiliating blow, after feedback from an interview he had with consultancy firm Deloitte was leaked to the press late last night.

Former Prime Minister Blair, who recently waded back into politics taking a stand against the result of the EU referendum, was interviewing with Deloitte’s Foreign Government Relations Department for a role as a ‘Special Advisor.’

Sources close to company said that he would receive up to £50,000 a month for the gig, a sum Blair described in the interview as ‘decent pocket money.’

According to people involved with the  interview, Blair went to great lengths to describe the work he has done since he stepped down as Prime Minister in 2008.

Citing time spent advising at corporations JP Morgan, Zurich, Yale University, he was quoted as saying he could bring “bring a lot of influence to the table” in tough negotiations.
According to the leaked document, Skinner, wanted to hear more about Blair’s roles outside of business, including his position at the UN as “Middle East Peace Envoy.”

Blair apparently “nervously skipped over the UN role, eager to discuss his work in Kazakhstan instead.”

He was particularly keen to highlight the work he had done with the Kazakhstani government, saying, “it isn’t that easy to make a government with a shocking human rights record appear to be fairly likeable.”

However, Blair allegedly omitted any reference to his role as UN ‘Middle East Peace Envoy’ as he struggled to come up with any examples of any work he actually did in the role.

Skinner countered this by saying that he wouldn’t actually be expected to do any work in his new role, and that Deloitte was interested in hiring Blair as it would help make the firm seem less dull to the general public.

This leak is second in a short space of time from Deloitte, who were forced to issue a humiliating apology to Number 10 when a Brexit memo was leaked without explanation.

Deloitte have yet to comment on the leaks but there is sure to be a fiery response from The Office of Tony Blair who are working hard on shifting negative perceptions of the former premier in the wake of damning evidence from The Chilcott Report.



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