Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair is said to be in talks with the producers of Celebrity Big Brother with a view to appearing on the 2018 edition of the show.

TV executives familiar with the negotiations said Blair had actually approached them and described the show as a ‘great platform to relaunch by career in politics and rebuild my credibility.’

Since leaving No.10, Tony Blair has come under fire from across the political spectrum for taking on a series of well-paid consultancy roles at institutions like investment bank JP Morgan., while amassing a property portfolio larger than the Queen’s.

However, following the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union on June 23 2016 Blair has stated his desire to re-enter with frontline politics and help save the U.K. from leaving the EU.

He apparently told bemused executives that he thought Celebrity Big Brother was the perfect launch pad for doing so, citing the success politicians Edwina Currie, Ed Balls and George Galloway have had appearing on reality television.

He allegedly said: “If I could be viewed by the public as having half the credibility of my former colleague George Galloway I’d consider it a victory. I did offer to go on Come Dine With Me and Strictly but the producers said no.  CBB would also help me put my point across on Brexit.”

As ever, some of the Left remain sceptical of Blair’s motives for appearing on the show.

One Labour insider, misquoting Leonard Cohen, told the Tribune that Blair was only in it, “for the money and the fame.”

Blair is rumoured to be in line for a  £1 million pay day for his appearance on the show. The TV execs said they were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure no one ever knew how much he got paid.

Upon hearing of Blair’s plans, another Labour insider actually praised Blair’s decision. She said: “I suppose CBB is probably more ethically justifiable than covering up the crimes of some tin pot dictator though. Blair is clearly heading in the right direction.”


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