A trainee lawyer at a London-based Magic Circle law firm has been sacked after being caught on CCTV unloading his bowels over his boss’s desk.

The 23 year old, who had only joined the firm five months before, had recently found out he had scooped £7.3 million in the previous week’s Lotto Thunderball draw.

Beating odds of over 21 million to one, the Oxford-educated lawyer, who studied in the same college as David Cameron, had been on a 4-day bender with mates to celebrate the life-changing win.

However, he turned up late and hungover to work three days in a row and received a number of very public dressing downs from a senior lawyer.

After the public humiliations, the recent graduate decided to gain revenge and waited till his boss had gone on his lunch break before striking.

CCTV footage seen by the London Tribune shows the lawyer climbing onto a desk, squatting, before shi**ting all over the desk and keyboard.

Security in the building watched the events transpire before notifying senior staff. The unnamed lawyer was then escorted out the building.

Friends of the trainee said he remained in high spirits and planned to use the lottery winnings to set up a delicatessen selling smoked cheese and saucisson.


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