A London Tribune investigation has discovered that the wife of Conservative health minister Jeremy Hunt got a £12,000 nose job free on the NHS.

The discovery comes as Hunt is accused of presiding over one of the biggest crises in the NHS’s history.

Tory spending cuts have precipitated what has been labelled by human rights organisation Amnesty International as ‘the U.K’s own humanitarian crisis.

68% of hospitals across the U.K. have said that they can no longer guarantee the safety of their patients due to a severe shortage of staff and beds, a recent survey by the Ministry of Health found. In some of the most under-staffed hospitals patients have have had to wait for up to 4 days before seeing a consultant.

One 83 year-old patient was left in a cupboard for 8 hours as there was no room for her elsewhere on the intensive care ward at Grantham Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

The revelation that Mrs. Hunt got a nose job just two months ago at the taxpayers expense has not gone down well with junior doctors who have been locked in a pay dispute with Hunt for the last 9 months.

Mr. Hunt is the the richest member of the Tory cabinet, having sold his education company HotCourses for nearly £17 million in January 2017.
A junior doctor involved in the procedure said: “It’s disgraceful. The NHS is on the verge of collapse and our precious resources are being wasted on the Cunt’s wife looking more attractive. She was quite fit anyway, so it was totally unnecessary in the first place. Also Hunt’s rich enough so should pay for it himself.”



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